46 CRUISER Bavaria

Type Sailboat
Length 14.20 м.
Width 4.40 м.
Cabins 4
Сapacity 8 prs.
Сrew 2 prs.
Built / Refit 2005
Engine Power 55 h.p
Fuel Consumption 0 lit./hr.
Cruise speed 0 miles/hr.
Masts 1
Flybridge -

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46 CRUISER Bavaria popular routes

Full day trip From Santorini

Duration : 8 h. Travel time: h.
Route: Красный пляж - Вулканов Неа-Камени - Палеа-Камени - белый пляж - Мавро Вуно - Меса Пигадия - пляж Влихада

Are you ready to explore Santorini signatures from the sea? To swim in the crystal-clear waters? To see world-famous volcano? We’ve made this trip specially for you.

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